Wild Laboratories Howdy Pardner: Tales of the Cowboy Hat


Fastback Lulu Gargiulo Wears her Filmmaking (Cowboy) Hat

“Tell me if you want short answers,” Lulu Gargiulo says with equal parts consideration and decisiveness over the phone. “Do you want sound bites?”

That charming directness doesn’t surprise, coming from the singer and guitarist for power-pop stalwarts the Fastbacks. Gargiulo’s made a musical career out of keeping things short, sweet and on-point, but it’s her other creative life in the film industry that’s got her sussing out just how much talking she’ll have to do.

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Women in Film awarded our Director of Photography, Michilu Gargiulo, a “Get ‘Er Done” grant!

In 2010 Lulu Gargiulo, Director of Photography and her partner husband David won the first Women in Film Seattle professional member’s Get ‘Er Done grant. The WIF professional grant endeavors to fill each filmmaker’s specific needs. WIF’s Virginia Bogert checks in with Lulu and gets the lowdown on her film Howdy Pardner, Tales of the Cowboy Hat, a stunningly beautiful and human documentary about an American cultural icon.
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